P e r u   M I s s I o n s   &   O u t r e a c h

Set Free Ministries


We are trusting God as we step out to re-esablish a missions outreach with the people of Peru.
We not only teach and share with the people of Peru, they teach us as well. They say, “You today, Me tomorrow.”  They are a caring and giving people. We believe that their hearts are hearing the call of the Holy Spirit and look forward to playing some small part in sharing His love, acceptance and forgiveness with and for them.
Please consider partnering with Set Free Ministries as we reach those that are hurting and lost no matter where they live or what culture they live under…. In Jesus Name, Amen!
“I tell you, WHOEVER believes in Me will continue to do the work I have been doing,
and they will do even greater things.” John 14:12
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