M e x i c o   M i s s i o n s   &   O u t r e a c h
Rancho el Refugio “The Refuge” is the place – 17 acres located in the beautiful rolling hills near Ensenada, Mexico.  It is approximately 75 miles south of San Diego, California. 
Rancho el Refugio is our partner in Ensenada, Mexico. They are driven by the love of the Lord for the love of people of Mexico. We thank God for them daily!
Join a Mission Trip with us to Ensenada Mexico (working with local churches, rehab, etc.) – A core aspect of activities at The Rancho is providing a complete missions trip opportunity for our team.  The Ranch hosts our group, help us plan our trip, provide meals and connects us with ministries in the Ensenada area.  Your mission trip will become an experience that will be life changing as you allow God to use you. 
REHABILITATION OUTREACH There are many rehabilitation centers that we work with, both for men and women. At these centers many opportunities present themselves. Construction projects, teaching and sharing opportunities and all share the love of Jesus for a broken world. Allow God to use you in His mighty way and to be minister too by those you intended to minister to. God’s way, God’s plan & God’s timing all for God’s glory!
CONSTRUCTION PROJECTS Supporting the ministry of our local churches through providing homes for those families who live without one. The Ranch is both a refuge for the Mexican locals but also for those across the border. The facility is constantly changing and improving so to better meet the needs of the Mexican people. Building projects include both those at the Ranch and those in the local communities. Come with a heart to help and there will always be a place to help.
FEEDING PROGRAMS Where people are hungry, we feed them and look for ways to help them learn to meet their needs and in so doing, we share the love of Jesus. There are many starving people throughout the world… we help one person at one moment of one opportunity through the love and provision of the One True Christ Jesus. Just as He meets our daily needs, we share in helping others daily needs by what God has provided for us. A gift is out of our necessity, not our overage!
Feeding the hungry, hurting, hopeless and lost is both a physical and spiritual feeding. When our tummies are hungry, it is difficult to hear with spiritual ears. So, we feed the tummy first and follow with letting those fed know the physical food was provided by the spiritual God through Jesus Christ.  We love others as God has loved us. One meal, One mouth, One life at a time. Amen! 
Women’s Rehab – Mexico
Men’s Rehab – Mexico
Dental Clinic – Mexico
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