H a i t i   M i s s i o n s   &   O u t r e a c h
Have you ever done something that just rocked your heart?  You knew for sure, if you didn’t continue, you were disobeying God?  That’s what Haiti did for me ten years ago.  IT ROCKED MY WORLD and CHANGED ME from the inside out. In one moment, I felt God’s calling to Care For Others more than I Cared For Myself!
I’m not saying that Haiti will do that for you… But It Might! We are called to Share The Word Of God By Sharing The Love Of God.
God Hates Sin… Not People…
So, let’s go be His hands and feet, His fork and spoon, His healing hand of love, acceptance and forgiveness?
Haiti mission trips with Set Free Ministries provide the opportunity for you and your team to experience the real Haiti and the real Haitian people.  We work with our Haitian team leads and partner with local churches meeting the needs of those hurting from Medical, Spiritual and Physical issues… You don’t have to be a Doctor or Nurse, Pastor or Chaplain, Contractor or Professional of some sort. Even though many who participate are, you only need to have a willingness to step out of your busy world and have a heart for the lost and hurting!
A wide range of ministry opportunities present themselves on every missions trip. Your team serves within the surrounding communities, reaching people where they live, and assisting in how they live. We do this by partnering in Work Projects, Medical Outreach, Bible Studies and Stories.  We share Jesus (Jezi) with the children through VBS Type Programs and tell how Jesus has changed our lives for the better and how He can change theirs too.
God Loves A Tender Heart For His People… All People!
Set Free Ministries believes that the Lord is using us to shape the future of Haiti. 
Fè Ayiti bèl ankò… Fè Jezi Gwo Ankò!
Make Haiti beautiful again… Make Jesus Great Again!
When your team joins us on a Haiti Mission Trip, you can be confident that you will be fulfilling the call that God has put on your life!
Set Free Ministries has been taking Mission Outreach Trips to Haiti for over ten years.  After our first trip to Haiti in early 2010, we heard God’s voice saying, “I am preparing you to go to Haiti as missionaries.”
We believe that His call is now at hand for you too!
I (Pastor Tim Parker) have moved to Haiti full time as a missionary and am blessed to bring teams to help with His work there.  You can be one of the many caring people who are reaching out to what God has called us to do!  Yes, in a unique way, each of us are a missionary!
It is a beautiful thing when we do what God has called…
“Go and make disciples for Jesus.”
(Matthew 28:19-20) 
C o n s i d e r   a   m i s s i o n   t r i p   t o   H a i t i !
~  Pray for God’s provision for this calling.
~  Pray for God’s leading in partnering in short-term or long-term mission trips to Haiti with us.
~  Pray for God’s financial support (one time or monthly) for this cause.
~  Pray for God’s guidance in partnering with this vision.
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We look forward to speaking with you soon.  Please feel free to reach out. 
Set Free Ministries
(480) 353-1125.
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Join a Mission Trip with us to Carrefour and Du Parc, Haiti (working with local churches, rehab, etc.) – A core aspect of activities at Set Free Ministries Haiti is providing a complete missions trip opportunity for your team.  Set Free Ministries hosts your group, help you plan your trip, provide meals and connects you with ministries in the Carrefour and Du Parc areas of Haiti.  Your mission trip will become an experience that will be life changing as you allow God to use you. 
CONSTRUCTION PROJECTS: Supporting the ministry of our local churches through providing homes for those families who live without one. Set Free Ministries Haiti is both a refuge for the Haitian locals but also for those across the border. The facility is constantly changing and improving so to better meet the needs of the Haitian people. Building projects include both those at Set Free Ministries and those in the local communities. Come with a heart to help and there will always be a place to help.
FEEDING PROGRAMS: Where people are hungry, we look for ways to help meet their needs and in so doing, share the love of Jesus. There are many starving people throughout the world… we help one person, at one moment, of one opportunity through the love and provision of the One True Christ Jesus. Just as He meets our daily needs, we share in helping others daily needs by what God has provided for us. A true gift is out of our necessity, not our overage!
Feeding the hungry, hurting, hopeless and lost is both a physical and spiritual feeding. When our tummies are hungry, it is difficult to hear with spiritual ears. So, we feed the tummy first and follow with letting those fed know the physical food was provided by the spiritual God through Jesus Christ.  We love others as God has loved us. One meal, One mouth, One life at a time. Amen! Come join us…
M o r e   A b o u t   H a i t i